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Avoid the Cost and Inconvenience of Common Code Violations

Whether you are an owner, investor or developer 

Frontline Building and Property Maintenance can assist you with quality, fast, and efficient service. Keep your properties code enforcement compliant and communities clean and safe.

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to schedule the following services.  

Maintain vacant properties

  • Board windows and doors

  • Cover/remove graffiti

  • Post and remove signage

  • Clean gutters and abutting sidewalks

Lawn care and  Yard cleanup 

  • Lawn mowing

  • Weed abatement

  • Leave removal

  • Trim trees and shrubbery 

trash and debris removal 

  • Monitor and remove light to medium trash and debris

  • Pick-up and appropriately dispose of bulk trash and materials 

light Repairs and maintenance

  • Secure gutters

  • Lock Replacement

  • Repair fencing 

  • Secure railings

  • Other projects upon request

Monthly Payment Plans are Available 

Why Frontline

Frontline Building and Property Maintenance will help lessen the cost and reduce the stress of maintaining your unoccupied or vacant property.

Clients turn to Frontline for our dependable and professional services.  

  • We offer customized service and maintenance plans to address your specific needs.

  • We ensure your property is not open to casual entry, crime or vandalism by properly boarding windows and doors. 

  • We make sure that all lots and exterior premises including abutting sidewalks, gutters, and alleys, are maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition.

  • We make routine checks on your property to ensure that it is in a clean and secure state and will perform light maintenance as needed. 

  • We maintain up-to-date compliance records as documentation of the services should any code enforcement violations be issued. 

Convenient and Cost Effective Service and  Payment Plans are Available 

Our Goal is to Help You Avoid Code Enforcement Violations


More than 45,000 code violations were issued in Baltimore city in 2018.

When a vacant building code violation notice is issued, the owner is required to clean and secure the property and to maintain it in a clean and secure state at all times until the building is either occupied, rehabilitated or razed.


If an owner fails to timely comply with the violation notice, he or she may face fines of up to $500 per day in Housing Court.


In situations where the owner remains uncompliant, the City has the authority to clean and secure the building and place a lien on the property for the cost of the work performed.

These vacant properties are located in east Baltimore and serviced by Frontlline Building and Property Maintenance.  We are proud to say that code violations have been significantly reduced and the community is cleaner and safer. 

 Keep your properties code enforcement compliant and
the community clean and safe.


I can testify firsthand to Frontline's  commitment to excellence and to the community.

— Cheryl Washington

President and CEO

East Baltimore Development, Inc. 

The service we have received has been excellent. The project area is noticeably cleaner and the staff we interact with is also helpful and friendly.

— Edward Sabatino

Executive Director


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